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What to expect with your first box!

First Month subscriber? Your designated project will be a Pinch Pot to learn the fundamentals!
After completing the Pinch Pot, you are now considered a pottery expert and you will join us on the designated project schedule for the following months! How do I attach clay during the project?

How do I attach clay together?

How do I ship the clay project back?

Keep the Muddies box for returning!

It is imperative to mail the project back as soon as it has been made, so while the clay is still wet (hasn't had time to dry). Wrap the clay in plastic wrap or any material to keep the project form drying out. Then place back in the box with the filler and more paper or filling (anything that can cushion it lying around the house). Make sure to include the GLAZE CHECK SHEET, and close the box. Gently shake the box and make sure no noise is heard from within the box. Place return label (provided) over the old return label and drop at USPS or schedule a pickup!

What if the project won't fit in the return box?

Projects can be mailed back in any box, just be sure to fill the box with cushioning to ensure no breaking! The provided return label will work with any box size. 

What happens if the project breaks when return mailing?

To avoid this please make sure the box is filled with cushioning of any kind. We will do our best to mend any breaks prior to firing. Please be sure to wrap the project up and mail this back to us as soon as y'all are done working on it.

I have multiple children, is there a discount?

Yes! We offer a discount following the first box ($55/mo) so for each additional box it is $50/mo.

What if we just want a one time project?

That is great! You can customize how frequently your box will be delivered, including just a one time purchase!

Having a birthday party?

We offer bulk discounts of 15% off for groups of 6 or more. To access this use the code HAPPY at checkout for 15% off your Muddies kits!