How does it work?

At Muddies we aim to make clay projects an accessible craft in your home without all the extra equipment and knowledge needed to complete your work of art. Your Muddies box will include clay for that month's project, as well as instructions to create your project, a glaze check sheet, and a return shipping label. 

  • Receive box (keep box for return!)
  • Follow instructions to create your desired project.
  • Wrap project (right after you complete working on it) carefully in provided cushioning from original box. Fill box with packing or paper if not full. 
  • Fill out Glaze Check Sheet with your child's name, and desired glaze color.
  • Place project and Glaze Check Sheet in original box with provided return shipping label.
  • Schedule USPS Pickup, or drop box at USPS location. 

    It's as easy as that and we will take care of the rest! When we receive your child's project we will carefully allow it to dry, send it through the kilns to fire and glaze according to the selected glaze. This work of art will arrive at your door in your following month's subscription box with your new project!